Friday, February 12, 2010

A Day of Rememberence

This morning I looked at my rings and for some reason the thought of how my Grammy loved my wedding band and ring came to mind. Almost every time I saw her, she wanted to see my sparkling rings. As I sat there staring at them this morning, I remembered the last time I cleaned them was the day of her funeral (Nov 2009). I did it for her. I knew she would be there looking down on our family and I wanted her to be able to admire the sparkling rings. Sounds silly, but it's what I felt. So, this morning, I cleaned my rings again.
I came into work this morning and looked at my calendar... Today is/was Grammy's birthday. She would've been 64 today. I know she probably doesn't celebrate her Earth Birthday up in Heaven, but I want to wish her a Happy Birthday anyways. Above is a picture that I had of her saved in my email. It was the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Oct 2008. I didn't get to go to that race and walk it with her because I had 2 stress fractures and walking was very painful. Plus, the doctor told me to stay home. She had a great time at those races. I remember the first time I went to a Susan G Komen race back in 2006. It was just her, me, and my aunt that day. That was the most excited and happy that I had seen my Grammy. She was throwing her hands in the air and dancing along to the street music. She loved every minute of being able to say "Hey ladies, I'm a survivor too." Even though cancer battled her 3 times and this last time it won, I still believe that she was the strongest survivor I ever knew.
So, even though you're not with us anymore Grammy, today is your day! I hope you're enjoying it and dancing in Heaven. We love and miss you.

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