Monday, May 10, 2010

WCR 5k Race Recap

Ya'll, I did it again! I PR'd BIG TIME!!!

The official race results:
65 Mrs. Mess 338 34:47 11:13

I came in 65th in my age group and 338 overall. There were 1400 women registered. About half were runners and half were walkers.

Can you believe that I beat last week's time by 2 whole minutes?!

My main goal was to run for as long as I could and then take a 1 minute walk break. I did pretty well at that! I ran the 1st mile straight through, then ran for 1/2 mile and would walk a minute. It worked out pretty well for me!

There was a race photog, but I don't believe those race pictures have been posted yet. Instead, I leave you with 2 finish line pictures that a friend took. They are so awful that they're funny! So, I hope you enjoy! Also, I'll try to post my splits tomorrow - I forgot to grab that snapshot!

Ohhhh, they're giving me a ribbon! ha!

Now, who can we show this ribbon to?

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