Friday, September 4, 2009

I'd Like To Thank HGtv

I had planned on uploading this week's runs and one bike ride, but my pc had other ideas. Actually, I blame the wireless router and had I really wanted to fix the problem, I could've...but..well, lets just say that I'll do that sometime this weekend. mmk? Great.

Let's talk about my craptacular runs this week... shall we? Monday, I didn't run. My legs were tired from the 16.3 mile bike ride the day before. Tuesday, I decided to mix Diet Coke, PB, and running. Fail. Wednesday was a rest day. Thank the Lord above for rest days. Thursday, my stupid fuel belt decided to sabotage my run. Seriously, I'm not using that stupid thing anymore. The first two runs with it were amazing...after that is a different story. Water Belt = Hatred. So, tomorrow's 6-miler... Well, I hope it goes amazingly well because I need a running boost since the last 2 runs have been chalked up to a failure! There is a 60% chance of rain/thunderstorms (depending on which site you look all differs...) for tomorrow. I have no idea if it's for the morning or evening, since my tv is programmed only to watch HGtv. :) Just pray that I run good. LOL

Speaking of HGtv... that station has given me the remodeling itch. Hubs and I have started tiny projects and I've taken some stellar before pictures (read: omg, we live in this??) I can't wait till we finish a few projects and show you the befores and afters. Thus far, we've replaced our doorbell button. (ha) It seriously was busted and you couldn't ring the doorbell unless you had a skinny pointed object. Which, btw, was awesome. I've never imagined that a working doorbell could be so annoying, but I digress... Anyways, it was a cheap, easy fix and now we have a working doorbell. I'm tempted to put a sign out asking people (hubs) not to ring it!

Last night, we picked out hinges and knobs for our kitchen cabinets. The designers of our house must've been color blind because we have a mixture of gold and silver fixtures every where in our house. So, I thought that we should replace the ugly gold knobs and hinges with some nice silver ones. Well, now I'm not so sure. You see, we have light colored wood cabinets (oak or pine or something????) and silver isn't going too well with them... Plus the hinges weren't the right size. Fail. This project will continue on through the weekend. :) For all of you people out there with light colored wood cabinets... what color are your knobs and hinges??

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