Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bahamas Part II

Here are a few more pictures to tide you over. Hopefully I'll be able to post more on lunch and tell some stories!

Yummy, yummy nachos! We had these almost everyday! Yum!

Christopher standing in part of a pool..thingie... Not sure what it's called.
One of the main pools.

Another picture of the same pool.

The swim up bar at that pool.

Another pool..

A relaxing spot. Those fire pits are lit at night. So, so relaxing!

The private island - we visited and it was awesome. But, we forgot the camera.

The brick oven pizza place. They make pizzas just how you ask them to!

Another pool. We liked this pool better, it was closer to our room.

The entrance into our building.

Christopher..hiding from the camera!

He decided to cooperate!


Suz said...

Can I just say, I'm ready to jump on a plane and go there just for those nachos.. They seriously make the best guacamole in those resorts! YUM!!! I am so jealous.. It looks like a fabulous trip! :)

Mrs.Shu said...

I am ready to walk out of work right now for that pool and the nachos! Looks awesome!

Lindsay said...

Your stuffing me in your bag next time...I'm N-O-T- kidding... lol

Jennifer said...

That Sandals resort looks absolutley amazing. And I still can't get over how blue the water is.

And that's it - I'm having nachos for lunch today!