Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making the Move

Ya'll, I'm making the move to WordPress.  Yeps, I am.  I was intrigued about why everyone was making the change, so I hopped on over to take a look and the rest was history.  So, please move your subscriptions to

I know it's a hassle and a pain, but do it for me :)  Heck, while you're at it - check out wordpress too! 

Grandma & family... that means you now have to go to to read about my boring life :)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Great Day!

My beautiful little niece got to go home yesterday!!!  She is eating the required 30 ml at each feeding, gained a little bit of weight, and passed her car seat test!  We are SO happy to have her home!  My sister reports that all is well so far and that the family dog doesn't know what to think!  ha!  He just sniffs around and knows something is going on! :)

In other news, my Marketing class is going well!  I've managed to keep up with the heavy course work and I only have 3 more weeks left!  YAY!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Exciting News!!

Remember the story of my sister's pregnancy?  Well, Tuesday July 19th, Baby Laikyn made her debut!!!!

My sister found out she was pregnant on May 16th and Laikyn was born on July 19th!  We all had a tad over 2 months to prepare!  Here's the story of how Laikyn came 6 weeks early!!

Monday night/Tuesday morning around 2am, my sister woke up my stepmom and told her that her back was hurting her.  She said she looked it up on the internet and that it was normal, but that it hurt.  So, my stepmom gave her some Tylenol and a heating pad.  My sister moved from couch to couch trying to find a comfortable position.  Well, she also had to tinkle a lot.  So, my stepmom thought she may have a bladder infection.  She called the doctor's hotline and waited an hour.  The doctor never called back and my stepmom noticed that my sister was tensing up every 3 minutes.  That's when they went to the ER - around 4am.

While at the ER they checked her - she was at 5cm!  That's when the doctor said, "Looks like you're having a baby today!"  My dad called me at 5:45am.  I was getting ready for work and had just stepped out of the shower.  He said he was in Texas - he never has to travel for work, this is the first time in years!  So, he was trying his best to drive here quick enough to get back.  Sadly, he didn't make it before Laikyn was born, but a few hours later.

I made it to the hospital with dry, frizzy hair and no makeup.  I packed my stuff up and did my makeup and straightened my hair in the room while we waited for things to start up.  Around 9am, my sister was ready to start pushing.  At 9:38am, Laikyn was born!

She weighed 5lbs 1oz and was 17.25 inches long!  She had a few issues with breathing, but those have corrected itself.  She's being monitored for keeping her temperature steady and eating enough.  We're not sure when she and my sister will be released, but they are doing very well.  My sister handled labor as a trooper!!

I'm one very proud aunt!  I'm so proud of my sister and of baby Laikyn! 

You'll see lots of stories and some pictures from me in the future I'm sure.  But, to keep things private, I'll only be sharing what has been shared on Facebook by family.  I don't want to over share, so I'll be sharing only one my sister and her fiancee have allowed okay via Facebook. ha.

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