Monday, April 26, 2010

Wallpaper? What Wallpaper?!

Ya'll, it happened. It really happened... I was sitting on the couch Sunday morning looking through the paper for my coupons (there were zero! none! booo hissss!) and hubs said, "You know what I want to do today?" I looked over and expected him to say something about bike riding - I was hoping and praying that wasn't it! ha! He goes on to tell me that he wanted to remove the wallpaper in the front bathroom!!!!

I was ecstatic! You see, I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I've been waiting on him to want to do it. We've both have heard horror stories about removing wallpaper - so I wasn't pushing the subject!
So, I ran to the grocery store and he ran to the home improvement store. We met back at the house and tackled the wallpaper! Did you know, it only took us 2 hours to remove it?! It was easy as pie! Seriously! Here's how we did it, in case anyone needs to tackle their wallpaper:
  1. Remove the top layer. Just pull it down.
  2. Take wallpaper remover (we used "DIF") and soak the remaining paper (we used a spray bottle).
  3. Pull it down before it dries. If it dries, re-soak it.
Then, you're finished. Seriously, easy as pie! But, if you don't soak the remaining paper or it dries before you're able to pull it down - it will grab the sheet rock. So, make sure you soak it or you'll be spackling!
So, after that, we showered, changed, and had dinner with his dad and stepmother. Then, we made a trip to the home improvement store to look at paint samples! We bought 3 tester jars of paint and I'm thinking I'm going to go buy 1 more in a shade in between.
The best part of yesterday? Hubs told me that he actually had fun doing it. It was fun to do home improvement things with me. We didn't fuss or fight. It wasn't horrible like we expected. So, we're both looking forward to doing more!
Don't worry - I took a before picture of the bathroom with all of it's wallpapery glory! ha! And, I still have the pictures to show you of when we changed out the kitchen knobs! :o)


Lisa said...

If you can have fun together doing stuff like that, it makes it sooooo much better. :-)

Brandi said...

I'm glad you guys can do home improvement projects together and find it fun. We cannot!! HA We will pay people from now on!

Marlene said...

It definitely helps getting things done around the house when hubs is on board! Glad to hear it wasn't too hard of a job.

lindsay said...

you are hired!! please come down to SC and handle my bathroom :)

i did the quick/lazy method in my foyer. the wallpaper had been painted over... i just peeled it all off. def took some sheetrock with it. *oops*. then i was lazy-ish some more and ended up getting that fancy "textured" paint that goes on like plaster because i didn't want to puddy the whooooooole wall. yeah, i really just made the ordeal 10x harder for myself. :) so yeah, you're hired! c'mon down/over/up!

Lisa said...

You're lucky the wallpaper came off so easily. I didn't have that experience in my previous house.

Rebecca Louise. said...

Haha! I wish I heard my Dad say something like that. My Mum does the majority of the decorating in our house. Look forward to the pictures :)

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Glad it was so easy. I've done it before and it was a horror! But I was younger...

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oooh fun! you know we de-wallpapered two FULL rooms in our house, haha! it felt so good to get it done and see a fresh coat of pretty paint on it! have fun with the rest of the project! :)