Friday, April 24, 2009

Suck It Up Princess

Well, I did the running clinic last night, even though I didn't want to. It was 90 degrees outside, humid, and I was in a horrible mood (due to not getting the job). But, I was con'd into going anyways - I say con'd because I was told that if I wasn't going, neither were other members...So of course, I went. I did pretty good, all things considered. I ran a 13:09 for 2 miles. Not fast, by any means, but okay. That's 24 seconds slower per mile, but it was HOT. So, I'm cutting myself some slack. I'm going to try my best to get a longer run in this weekend. We shall see. BTW, the "Suck It Up Princess" is from a shirt I saw while running yesterday. It read : "Suck it up princess, nobody ever drowned in sweat." Or something of that nature. :)

Moving on.. Tonight is another "me" night. Meaning, hubs has to work until the wee hours of night and so I get to do whatever I want. That's the thing though - I have no idea what I want to do. Shopping? Eh, I went on lunch, bought a few things... And I'm not a big shopper, by any stretch. So, I'm thinking of going tanning, then just hanging out by myself and catching up on the Tivo and some movies... Exciting, I am!

I wanted to say thanks for the comments on the job. It really does mean a lot. This makes the 2nd job that I've had an interview for and have been turned down. This is new to me. I've always gotten the job after the interview. Always. So, this feeling is new and it sucks. But, I'm making it. I drowned my sorrow in some Ed's Smiley Face Cookies, Taco Bueno, and 2 miles of hot running. ha.

Tomorrows agenda.... A haircut and a 4 year old's birthday party at a ranch. I'm kind of excited!! I hope yall have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Dog Bit Me...

Yes, you read that right! I was running around my neighborhood yesterday afternoon when this this little bitty dog came running towards me barking. I just kept running and thought that it would go away - I wasn't scared, because it was so TINY! But, the dog came after me and bit my shoe!! So, I stopped running (why? No idea!) and looked down at the dog and told it to "Stop it!"... (yes, laugh with me)... And the dog ran off... Till the next loop around the neighborhood....

Luckily, it's owners were outside and stopped the dog from chasing me around my next few loops through. But, does that mean that I was safe? Nope! I never knew our neighborhood had so many dogs! I saw a huge Boxer, an Alaskan Husky (I think that's what they're called), and another smaller dog... All of them were just out and about! Mind you, I live INSIDE city limits, so they're all suppose to be restrained... Oh well, thankfully the tiny dog was the only one that chased me and bit me! :0) And, it was only my shoe. lol

Other than that, nothing exciting. I wont know about the new job prospect (aka the interview I went on two weeks ago) till next week. I'm really hoping and praying (every night) that I get that job, but they're are a ton of qualified applicants we shall see. *fingers crossed*

Tonight is my scheduled run! I'm excited - except for the fact that it's at the park with the gravel! Yesterday I ended up doing a short 2 miles and I'll probably hit 2.5 miles tonight! I need to update my 'Running Stats' on the side...

Hip Hip Hooray for it being Thursday! This week is never ending!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fab Friday

Update on the dog issues... We take our last dog, Rocky, into the vet tomorrow to have his heartworm test done. PLEASE pray that he doesn't have them too! We've done pretty good keeping him current with things, so we're praying that he's okay!! I don't know what I'll do if he has them too. Currently, we're setting up appointments to get Bear treated, then we'll move onto Duke - since he's not in any pain and he's got other issues. We decided to treat Bear first because he is healthy (other than the heartworms) and so he'll go through the treatment easier - and this costs a lot of $$ so, we're doing the healthy dog first because his chances of survival are higher. If that makes sense.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a FAB Friday & enjoy your weekend!!! Anddddd... I'll be better next week leaving bloggy comments - I was tied up this week studying!! :)