Monday, January 5, 2009


I was super excited to post about my weekend, as it was a great one, until last night. I received a call around 6pm last night from an unknown number. I usually don't answer those, but for some reason I decided I should. It was the owner of the storage unit that I rent. I've had that unit for two years now and this was the first time he's ever called me. Immediately I wonder if I forgot to send my payment, then he asks me, "Did you have a lot of stuff in your unit?" - Yes, I did. Jam packed full. "Have you been out there in a while?" - No, not in about a month. "Well, your unit was broken into and there isn't much left in it."

Holy. Crap.

I called my dad and asked what all they had in my unit - my brother had put some of his stuff from his college dorm room in there when he moved back in with my parents. After a few phone calls back and forth, we all went out to my unit.

Turns out, my unit and the one next to mine had been broken into. The other unit had nothing taken. My unit had everything but a few boxes taken. These units were very secure - it took a very hefty man (or two) to break the steel "thingies" with bolt cutters. It had to been a lot of work. There were two cameras pointed at my unit - the tapes only hold a week of recordings and nothing happened there in the last week. The way they left the door and the lock, you couldn't tell they had been tampered with - unless you went to unlock the unit.

The people who owned the unit beside me were moving their stuff out yesterday when they noticed their steel "thingie" had been cut. That's when they called the owner. Who later called me. I have a few theories as to why none of their stuff was taken and mostly all of mine was...But I'll share those theories later...after I get finished with checking pawn shops, the paper, etc.

So, what all was taken?

  • 2 mini fridges
  • a microwave
  • all wedding pictures from my first wedding
  • all wedding stuff from my first wedding
  • another box full of pictures from college
  • a box full of books
  • a table and 2 end tables - not cheap ones either
  • boxes full of candles, picture frames, & knick-knacks
  • all of my Hallmark ornaments
  • wall decor and other decorations
  • blankets my mom had made me
  • boxes full of my personal information - with my SSN on them
  • and boxes I can't remember what was in them...
So, that being said...Please pray that we'll find the people that did this. I have my ideas about who they are; I just have no way of proving it yet.
Edited to include: I just wanted to add that this is not the first time I've had something broken into and things taken... The list...
  • The house I grew up in.
  • A house I rented in college.
  • An apartment I rented in college - right after I moved out. My roomies were still living there.
  • My car.
  • And storage building.
*Also, I had a great weekend up until then...I'll post about it later.

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