Thursday, June 12, 2008

...The Rules To Fair Fighting...

All couples have difficult times...even Newlyweds. Every husband and wife will fight with one another at some point and it's important to remember that there are rules when fighting. Yes. Rules. Someone sent me these rules this week and I thought that they were so important and so true, that I'd post them. I think they are something that every couple should follow....

***** The Rules To Fair Fighting *****

1. First and foremost, calm down before trying to have a rational conversation or it will not be rational at all.

2. Stick to the current problem and never bring up past events to hurt each other.

3. If you want to discuss past things that have bothered you, do it at another time when you are both calm and in a way to share your feelings with each other to get to know each other better. (Hint one thing at a time.)

4. Never blame each other, because this puts the other one on the defensive. Use I statements like: I was hurt because or I would like or I did not like this because.

5. Never say something to intentionally hurt the other person.

6. Never use the word Divorce because this is a threat to the trust and security in the marriage.

7. Communicate your feelings before it gets to the point that one more thing will set you off.

8. Always respect each others feelings.

9. If your are wrong or sorry for something, SAY you are sorry or wrong. (This is a strength not a weakness.)

10. Don't be afraid to share your feelings with each other and always say I love you!!!

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Mrs. Realife said...

I love your rules! All VERY true!!! :)